--a part of my soul is fading;

Stisaac Logic 101: Sarcasm is a language he’s fluent in, so use it often and with varying degrees of derision.


stisaac week 14:

  • day two - long distance relationship 

Stiles & Isaac trying to make it work while Isaac is on a year-long scholarship in France.

(part two)

don’t say a word just come over and lie here with me
cos i’m just about to set fire to everything i see
i want you so bad i’ll go back on the things i believe
there i just said it


Stisaac Witches AU | Stiles is the new witch in town and Isaac has a healthy appetite for all things bumbling and dorky, so Stiles definitely fits the bill.  Stiles should probably be suspicious that one of the most powerful young witches in New Orleans has eyes for him, but when his back is pressed into the brick wall of an old building while Isaac has his mouth on Stiles’ neck and his hand pressed into his hip, it’s really hard to come up with reasons to be more cautious about this situation.

Happy Birthday, Kat!

scott + stiles » being in sync

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reach for me, and i will pull you from the darkness

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This is how you make the meaning
you take two things and try and define the space
b e t w e e n  them